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Outdoor Class

Why Choose BtWs? 

We offer EXPANDED LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES for students by presenting flexibility, collaboration, and structuring class time with engaging ways to help them learn and highlight their potential.

Art Class

Expanded Learning Opportunities

Research supports special programs with flexibility and collaboration in classrooms, and such curricula demonstrate higher levels of superior functioning skills like self-discipline, independence over learning, deep focus, critical reasoning, problem-solving, and vital social-emotional skills in children.

Kids in Preschool

Discovering Potential

  • Sparking innovative creativity 

  • Become successful

  • becoming more professional

Running Children

Encouraging Emotional Intelligence

  • Connect Self & Society  

  • Become Confidence  

  • Preserve integrity    

  • Promote responsibility and trust 

Children Reading the Holy Bible
Kids Raising Hands In Classroom
Advocating Well-Trained Staff and Support Team

Instructional Trainings  for Teachers

Experienced & Trained Support Team

  • Academic Coaches (AC)                

  • Teacher’s Assistants (TA)

  • Campus Assistants (CA)

Our Services

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